Reasons Why I Left California


Imagine whomever you tell that you left California questions your decision. The weather is great and it is known for its celebrities. Who really knows why so many people find California so appealing? However, my preference is to live in a state with practical expenses.


Homeownership is more obtainable in other states

Buying a starter home is nearly impossible to afford by individuals who are just starting out their career or recently finished college. Instead of making an investment in a home, these people are throwing their incomes away to apartment living, leaving barely anything left for other bills like groceries or car insurance. In my experience, I saw two-bedroom apartments go anywhere between 1,200 to 3,000 dollars a month. All this money was going to landlords who sometimes didn’t care about the condition of the apartments and renters never saw their hard earn incomes again.

I want to raise my son in a house, and I don’t want to have to work multiple jobs achieve this. It is also important for me to also have something left over at the end month so I could save for retirement. Both of these things will provide me with enough of a future so my son won’t have to worry about what will happen once I get to old to work. This way I know I won’t be a burden to my child and other future children. Saving for retirement and owning a home is more feasible in different state.

People are less friendly in the Golden State

The rat race is a marathon that never ends in California. It’s a hamster wheel that does not stop spinning. This is probably why people seem less friendly in this state. People are just thinking about the next place that they have to be while losing opportunities to create friendships. Not only are people just trying to get to the next place to make a living but they have to sit in traffic to get there.

I haven’t been in my new home for very long, but people seem more opened to engagement. Everyone wants to share a little bit of the their story and who they are. I love that every place I have gone to at least one person has tried to converse with me. Don’t get me wrong, there are people who are friendly in California, but people are also more irritable. There are more people having bad days and are stressed out because they have to miss their kids games or other activities. It not uncommon for both parents to spend more than fifty hours a week working.

When I was seven month pregnant with Winston, I sometimes worked more than sixty hours. Of course, everyone who asked me why I was still working made me feel crazy, but it’s not like my bills stopped once I got pregnant. I think it would have been worse not making rent as a pregnant lady vs working more than what other people thought I should.


Gas taxes keep increasing

Too much of the gas bill goes to the state, but Californians are not expecting drivable roads anytime soon. Not only is the only thing on a Californian’s mind getting to the next place while they sit in traffic, but they have to pay big bucks to do it. It is most frustrating feeling when you have to live with several days spent at work is for the purpose to get to work so you can pay for a lifestyle that isn’t even rewarding.

When I lived in California I was a tipped employee. I had gotten pregnant right out of college and so I found it to be an inappropriate time to start looking for a serious job. I continued to work while pregnant because I had to pay rent and two incomes are needed to make ends meet in California. I would leave one job in the late afternoon to sit in forty-five minutes of traffic only to drive ten miles to get to the next job. Then I would spend the entire night working for tips which at least once a week went entirely in my gas tank so I could get up the next day to work some more.


Jobs are scarce

Its no secret that California’s population has grown. The problem is that there are now more job seekers than employers. Job seekers who are trying to break into a field or are just beginning in their careers can expect to hunt. Most positions require at least two years of experience which puts the person trying to get into a field at a great disadvantage.

My step sister move to Indiana a few weeks before I did. She found a new job within a few weeks and was offered a job by all of the five different companies that she had applied to. My son’s father has also found that companies in his field will pay him the same amount as they did in California.

In conclusion, I chose to raise a family in a different state because the standard of living just seems to be higher almost everywhere else. A four to five bedroom house in my new state cost the same as what I was paying for a two-bedroom in California. If you live in California, you are either the struggling two-thirds or the one third that I admire and my hat is off to you.

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My hometown is in Southern California, but I moved to Indiana to create a better life for my family with an endeavor for entrepreneurship. Psychology and self-improvement are passions of mine. I have a bachelor's in psychology from UC Davis and my education has greatly influenced my opinions and how I parent. My hope is to provide useful content that is helpful to real parents with big aspirations.

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