What I Would Do Differently In My Baby’s First Month of Life

My son’s father was the only person present to witness Winston’s birth besides medical staff. Two weeks before I had given birth, a lady from work offered her support for my labor. She made sure I had her number and promised to be there. The day of the delivery came and I never contacted her because I thought it would be best if the event was private. Looking back on her offer, I regret not taking it. For one thing, I didn’t feel like my progression in labor had been taken seriously. It would have been better if there was someone there to put their foot down while being less emotional than me and my boyfriend. Also, I’m not satisfied with how my delivery was documented and more than anything wish I have more videos and pictures of Winston’s birth. Travis was too busy holding my legs when I was pushing the baby out and dealing with me screaming. I do have about three pictures of the afterbirth, but more than anything I want to hold on to every memory of this day.



The Hospital Stay
After the delivery, the only thing that was on my mind was Winston and the experience of giving birth. I was in total shock and could never put into words the love and pain that enveloped me that day. Yet, the transition into motherhood hadn’t fully caught up yet. My baby was familiar, yet foreign as I studied his face and tried to memorize every feature. I can remember how dark his eyes were when he looked up at me. I replayed the event of meeting my son over and over in my head, and this kept me busy enough to not think about taking videos. I only have one video of my son from the hospital stay. I took it to show my dad Travis putting Winston in the car seat he had bought us and its only a sixteen-second video clip. Two and a half months later, I watch that video regularly, and it amazes me how big Winston has gotten. If I could redo my hospital visit, I would have taken more videos of the first days of his life.


The first month
Before I left the hospital, my midwife told me to take a picture of Winston everyday for the first month because the amount changes babies undergo in there first months is absolutely incredible. I did follow his advice, and recommend this advice to anyone with a newborn. What I would change is keeping all the pictures consistent. Some of my pictures were Winston in a stroller, others in bed, others being held…well you get the idea. I can’t really compare the photographs and its a total bummer. However, I do plan on making an old fashion album and get the photos developed. I want to put them in order by day which should be easy because iPhone keeps record of when photographs were taken!26230457_2092554877427647_4362612797052309853_n



Professional Baby Photographs
I’m kicking myself for not getting these done once Winston was out of the hospital. There were two main reasons that kept me from getting these photographs. One reason was that I felt insecure about taking my week old baby into the world of germs. Yes, I know babies need to build an immune system, but I didn’t feel safe with a ton of germ exposure until after his second month. Another thing that held me back from getting them done was finances. Being on maternity leave was costly to me and I wasn’t comfortable with taking the extra expense. If you have just had a baby and you are unsure whether or not you should get professional photographs taken and you are concerned about money, my advice would be TO GET THEM DONE! You’ll never remember the money, but you will always cherish the photos.


Thanks for reading about my experiences! Feel free to leave feedback or questions.


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My hometown is in Southern California, but I moved to Indiana to create a better life for my family with an endeavor for entrepreneurship. Psychology and self-improvement are passions of mine. I have a bachelor's in psychology from UC Davis and my education has greatly influenced my opinions and how I parent. My hope is to provide useful content that is helpful to real parents with big aspirations.

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