A PRACTICAL Guide to Your Hospital Bag

IMG_1978-2The birth of your child is nearing and it’s both an exciting and scary time. Some soon-to-be mothers pack their hospital bag months in advance, and others wait until a few weeks before their due date! I didn’t start putting my hospital bag until three weeks before my due date. I researched what to pack and then got annoyed when my mother-in-law told me I was making a bigger deal out of the hospital bag than I needed too. It turned out she was right. After delivery, there will only be two things on your mind. The first is your baby and the second is your vagina. I would be really surprised if you wanted to shave (get all those hairs you couldn’t see) right after you had a baby. There is a good chance that after your baby is born you will have gone without a full nights rest, need stitches, and now have a crying baby (whom you will adore) to care for. So without further ado, this is my practical packing list for your hospital stay.

Gatorade and Chapstick
Labor will make you dehydrated. These two things were not on my mind at all during labor, but my nurses were concerned with how much fluid I had and recommended that Travis give me something to drink and put chapstick on my dry lips.

Hairbands and Headbands
You are not going to want hair in your face when you are in labor.

You’ll need them while you are walking around your recovery room and to go to the bathroom.

Hospital pillows aren’t known for their comforts. Having extra pillows really helped me and Travis get some shut eye after we got Winston to sleep.

An Outfit to Take the Baby Home
This is self-explanatory. The outfit I picked out for Winston meant something to me. It was one of the gifts my best friend had given for Winston’s baby shower.

Recording Devices/Cell phones/Cell phone chargers
Take lots and lots of pictures and videos. Even if you think its a bad time for a video, just take it. You won’t know how much they will mean to you until some times passes.

Breastfeeding is hard, but you can do it!

Coconut Oil
This is a great and natural way to relieve any pain tenderness you may have from breastfeeding. It is also great for stretch marks (great because your breast will probably get bigger once your milk comes in), and it is totally safe for your baby.pexels-photo-531996

Breastfeeding Pillow
Make this learning experience as easy as possible. I brought mine and it was invaluable. Also, if you are struggling with breast feeding, talk to your nurses at the hospital about getting some extra support.

Prenatal Vitamins
Your baby’s nutrition is still coming from you! Make sure you and your baby have the nutrition you need to thrive together. IMG_1995

Thank you for reading. Congratulations on the most exciting time of your life and I hope that you have a smooth delivery!
With much love XOXO ~Ambre

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My hometown is in Southern California, but I moved to Indiana to create a better life for my family with an endeavor for entrepreneurship. Psychology and self-improvement are passions of mine. I have a bachelor's in psychology from UC Davis and my education has greatly influenced my opinions and how I parent. My hope is to provide useful content that is helpful to real parents with big aspirations.

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