How New Moms Can Burn Extra Calories Without Working Out!

without working out 23


Eat Grapefruit:
Grapefruit makes a wonderful guilt-free snack or part of a balanced breakfast. Not only is it a negative calorie food item (takes more calories to digest than what it contains), but it also has properties that will boost your metabolism. Another benefit is that grapefruit has the ability to combat stress and thus potentially curb stress eating! This fruit is highly recommended for someone interested in wight loss.pexels-photo-133221


Drink Green Tea:
Green tea is excellent for boosting your metabolism. Have it in the morning and burn extra calories during the day’s activities. It is also perfect for moms who are trying to get rid of that extra stomach fat gained during pregnancy. Research has shown evidence that green tea may help with the reduction of stomach fat! You can be guilty free sipping on your hot or iced green tea that has many added health benefits.pexels-photo-291531


Wear Ankle Weights While Doing Housework:
Moms do not get the credit we deserve. We try and clean during our short breaks from taking care of the children and hardly have time to workout. However, cleaning already burns calories! Depending on the work, moms can burn up to 100 to 200 extra calories by cleaning for an hour or two. To better take advantage of your time running around the house, why not add extra ankle weights? They are cheap to buy, do not require extra time, and by the time you are done you’d probably have already forgotten that you are wearing them.pexels-photo-545021


Watch A Funny Movie With Your Little One:
They say laughter can heal. It often puts us in a good mood and sometimes whatever we find so humorous might have made our day. Good news is that some experts believe that laughing to an extra 15 minutes in your day may burn an extra 10-40 calories. See, whoever wrote that life advice to “laugh often” just wanted us to be skinny!pexels-photo-774910


Drink Cold Water:
Drinking a nice glass of ice cold water actually burns 25 calories per glass. It takes your body extra calories to make cold water into a temperature it can absorb. If you drink eight glasses than you would have burned an extra 200 calories for the day.water


Breastfeeding is an amazing tactic to get your old body back. It helps your uterus shrink faster. Many of us moms know that when you leave the hospital, you still look 7 months pregnant because the uterus takes a while to retract to its original size. Furthermore, breastfeeding can also help new moms burn anywhere from 300 to 500 calories extra calories a day! Breastfeeding can help new moms get back into their pre-pregnancy weight.pexels-photo-895515

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