The Secret to Hacking Your Own Brain And Living a Successful Life


One of my favorite concepts from the subject of Psychology is Neuroplasticity. The definition of the word can be found in the word itself. Our brains have plasticity or the ability for the brain to change and make new neural pathways throughout an individuals life.

This is amazing information that you should be excited about! Anything that you want to learn or unlearn can be hardwired into your brain if you practice consistantly. Even people with head trauma or learning disabilities process the ability to create new pathways in brains.

My Experience:

The reason why I am blogging about Neuroplasticity is because I feel like the concept helped me continue in my college career. I learned about it in my freshman year and I knew I wanted to use it to my advantage. I had to. I was disadvantaged in the college classrooms. I have both ADHD and ADD and I also left school before the 10th grade.

The way I got through college was decided that I wanted to be educated and so I had to study enough to restructure my brain. I imagined the information I was writing for my paper to being engraved into my brain as I read it, wrote it, and practiced it. It worked! The longer I was a student and disciplined myself the easier college became.

Neuroplasiticy and Quiting Smoking:

Neuroplasticity explains why smokers still feel that they have the need to smoke even thought they are past their withdrawals. The activity of smoking has been reinforced for so long that the synapses for that activity are strongly connected in the brain. As time moves forward, the connection lessons and the desire for cigarettes deminishes. Individuals who try to quit smoking more often are more likely to quit than those who never try. It all has to do with practice. The best way to quit smoking is to tackle one day at a time and believe that there is an end to the cravings. Stop labeling yourself as a smoker and start by saying you are a non-smoker. This will also retrain your brain into giving yourself a new identity.

The Bigger the Struggle the Greater the Change:

Here is some positive news if you are really struggling with learning, kicking a habit, or creating a new one. The more you struggle to learn or create a change in your life the more greater effect the process will have on your brain. If it is harder for you to learn something, than you will know it better than someone who found it easy. If there is something in you have always wanted to learn or do but can’t grasp it, don’t worry, your brain has already begun to change with the exposure to new information. The bottom line is to continue to work and know that the process will become much easier in the future.

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My hometown is in Southern California, but I moved to Indiana to create a better life for my family with an endeavor for entrepreneurship. Psychology and self-improvement are passions of mine. I have a bachelor's in psychology from UC Davis and my education has greatly influenced my opinions and how I parent. My hope is to provide useful content that is helpful to real parents with big aspirations.

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